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"Because no one has ever regretted eating the dessert first!!" like the Golden Girls & eat the CHEESECAKE

Evette Rose; creator, owner, Cheesecake CHIC!


Once upon a time... Just kidding! 


The Cheesecake Bar is a small locally owned dessert shop based in Taylor, TX... What do you do when you've dreamed of starting your own bake shop, and then a PANDEMIC hits? You pivot and figure out new and imaginative ways to serve them. Our treats are as unique as their creator; Southern inspired, sweet, and packed with a punch! 

 As a metastatic breast cancer thriver, I have prided myself on using natural ingredients to prepare my treats.  Our products are all handmade.  We offer a variety of options for every diet. Our cafe carries, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and keto selections. As one of few Black owned and operated farm-to-"dessert" table establishments in the Central Texas region; my family and I are quite familiar with breaking barriers. 

...and the Cheesecake Family

The Brown Sugar Cheesecake Bar is a labor of love from the Rose-Harvin household. "We love having the entire family bring new ideas to the table." - Greg

© 2021 by Brown Sugar Bakeaway

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