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"Because no one has ever regretted eating the dessert first!!" like the Golden Girls & eat the CHEESECAKE

Evette Rose; creator, owner, Cheesecake CHIC!


Once upon a time... Just kidding! 


The Cheesecake Cafe is a small locally owned sweet shop based in Taylor, TX... What do you do when you've dreamed of starting your own bake shop, and then a PANDEMIC hits? You pivot and figure out new and imaginative ways to serve them. Our treats are as unique as their creator; Southern inspired, sweet, and packed with a punch! 

  As a metastatic breast cancer thriver, I have prided myself on using natural ingredients to prepare my treats. We bake items such as, sweet and savory cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, fresh fruit bread loaves, muffins, and pound cakes.  Our products are all handmade.  We offer a variety of options for every diet. Our cafe carries, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and keto selections. As one of few Black owned and operated farm-to-"dessert" table establishments in the Central Texas region; my family and I are quite familiar with breaking barriers. 

...and the Cheesecake Family

The Brown Sugar Cheesecake Bar is a labor of love from the Rose-Harvin household. "We love having the entire family bring new ideas to the table." - Greg

© 2021 by Brown Sugar Bakeaway

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